From our fields to dining tables across Italy

Transparency, experience and reliability:
values that translate into consistently excellent quality.

We are proud to declare that we guarantee traceability along the entire agri-food production and supply chain for OraSì products, 365 days a year.


OraSì products are produced exclusively from soya and rice grown on plots owned by Agricola Dante. Following rigorous selection procedures in line with strict quality criteria, beans and grains are processed at Unigrà’s production sites in the Province of Ravenna, north-east Italy, very close to the cultivation areas in Ferrara, creating a 100% agricultural production and supply chain with great social and economic value.


For over 70 years, Agricola Dante has grown its rice in the heart of the Emilia-Romagna region, an area with a long-standing tradition of excellent rice production. It was also one of the first Italian companies to introduce large-scale cultivation of soya. In fact, since the beginning of the '80s Agricola Dante has produced this legume, popular for its nutritional and health properties. Rigorous selection procedures ensure that beans and grains cultivated for OraSì products are rich in flavour, with the optimum protein content.


The entire production and supply chain is 100% controlled and certified under the supervision of expert farmers, guaranteeing non-GMO products of the highest quality. Innovative software allows constant monitoring of each cultivation and production cycle. Traceability is guaranteed, from the field to the table, and from the seed to the finished product.

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