The Faces Behind the Quality

Agricola Dante employs qualified personnel (around 50 individuals) and uses local seasonal labour, reaching 300 individuals in the busiest periods.

Our key values

Transparency, respect for regulations and a focus on employee well-being are the guiding principles behind all company decisions.

Our commitment

Sharing these values helps to form the basis for the genuine passion and strong sense of family that characterise daily life at Agricola Dante. These aspects translate into an enthusiasm that really lightens the work load.

What sets us apart

The enormous versatility of our technical and farming staff is a defining characteristic of Agricola Dante.

Here are a some of the Faces Behind the Quality.

Here we see him immersed in a field of wheat, but Gino doesn’t only work to maintain the highest quality grain. He has worked at Agricola Dante since 1981 and in addition to being a living archive for the company, he represents an important point of reference. Gino coordinates and supervises all of our activities, from the fields to the orchards and even to our biodigesters.
Riccardo is a passionate and tireless farmer: for nine years he has worked in the satellite seeding of soya and his work gives him great satisfaction. His passion drives him to get up at the crack of dawn to begin sowing the fields early in the morning. He always has a smile on his face and a radio to keep him company. The quality of the soya used for OraSì products has a lot to do with this young farmer’s devotion to the land.
He keeps a careful watch over rice crops and the entire management of the paddy fields, from sowing through to harvesting. Tomas’ great experience lets him decide when the plant has solidly taken root and when it is just the right time to introduce new water to the paddies. The consistently high quality of the rice that goes into the OraSì rice drinks is thanks to him.
He really is multi-skilled. Sauro supervises the work of around 20 people and all of the activities linked to tomato production: transplanting in April, hoeing, fertigation and finally harvesting, which takes place between the beginning of August and the end of September. He also coordinates the Agricola Dante workshop: he is responsible for the constant maintenance of 105 pieces of motorised equipment.
At Agricola Dante, fertigation goes by one name: Mirella. Her job, which she loves and wouldn’t change for the world, consists of fertilizing the tomatoes, irrigating them, checking their health and flagging any issues with the plants. Everybody agrees that her attitude towards work sets an example for everybody.
Everything that happens within the Agricola Dante orchard is under his control. Although he is only young, Mattia is a highly trained, expert farmer, capable of passing on his innate sense of responsibility to his colleagues. The passion with which he manages the daily progression of 180 hectares of orchards is as bright and intense as a red Gala apple… his favourite!

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