Agricola Dante Quality and innovation in harmony with nature

Our Company

Agricola Dante was founded to cultivate an ambitious goal: to always provide the best quality in full respect of the environment and the rhythms of nature.

Situated in the countryside of Tieni, in the Province of Ferrara, its agricultural production is characterised by great diversity and driven by the genuine passion and detailed knowledge of over 300 people who work there.

Cultivation and culture

We believe in hard work with a smile and this is how we approach our 20,000 annual days of labour. It is an intense period, during which the skilled hands of our farmers care for the fruit, vegetable and cereal crops grown here, in the single 1,500 hectare Agricola Dante site.

The supply chain begins here.

Environmentally aware

For us, sustainability is a daily duty. This is why we have decided to contribute to the health of the environment through using renewable sources: we have two 0.99 MW biogas systems, fully integrated with our farming and livestock processes, and a 0.47 MW photovoltaic installation on the roof of the buildings we use for stock and storage of agricultural vehicles.

How we innovate

Increasing the quality of products and improving production processes: we take the right steps to achieve these goals. This includes investing in the most advanced technology and experimenting with new and particularly innovative solutions, also working alongside researchers from prestigious universities.

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